Out of Orbit

This week’s word prompt at the all-new Shapeshifting 13 über-microfiction writing challenge is “moon.” Head over to Grammar Ghoul Press to learn more about our writing challenges, and hang out with the ghouls!


“Please don’t leave me, Jordan!” Logan sobbed. “Didn’t I hang the moon just for you?

“I suppose.”  Jordan shrugged. “But what I really wanted was Uranus.”


Ol’ Bessie


There were bows and flaming arrows, whooping, and wailing.

Finally, someone yelled, “Circle the wagons!”

I grabbed a stick and drew a circle in the dirt ‘round ‘ol Bessie.

(Rather silly, in retrospect).

Cause of Bessie’s demise: merely a question of semantics.

Jimbo’s Soul

This week’s prompt at Chimera 66 is the word “catharsis.”


The bartender hollered “Last Call” and Jimbo ordered one last shot of Gran Patron. Sure, it was pricey as hell, but this was a special occasion.

He nursed it and waited for the crowd to clear out.

As the bartender counted the drawer, Jimbo whipped out his .357 and swallowed a bullet.

The preacherman said that catharsis was good for the soul—

even one like Jimbo’s.




At first, Richard seemed okay.

Funny and kind

and not (in)sane


the murders—



even Mikey’s Garage.

He got life

w/o parole

E scaped


he lives in my attic.

Richard watches me.


Hear him watching?

C’mon, Listen.







The Asshat

This week’s primpt at Chimera 66 is the word, “frittata.”


“Oh, I love quaint Italian bistros!” Margaret gushed. “Très romantique!

“You mean, molto romantico,”  Jim corrected.

“Yes, of course.” Margaret despised a know-it-all. She’d been on the fence about this relationship,  but no more. After some spumoni, ol’ frittata-face’d be  history.

“I thought you’d like Lo Niente. It’s my favorite…” Jim leered at her. “…hotspot.”

Margaret flashed her most provocative smile and grabbed the dessert menu.