Number 1, Streaming Live

Photo of outhouse door.

I think it’s fascinating that some men, probably more than I realize, seemingly mark their territories by urinating outdoors; not that there is anything wrong with that. I’m just commenting. It’s quite a study:

During the wee (wee?) hours of the morning, a friend of mine sneaked over to the house he had made an offer on, and stealthily peed off the deck in the backyard and onto the lawn.

He really wanted that house. Could it be more than mere coincidence that the owners’ accepted my friend’s offer within 36 hours after the magical whizz? One must wonder. Either way, when the papers were signed and sale was final, he went straight to his new home and peed off the deck again—this time to make it official.

I’ve also known men who pee in the yards of their girlfriends’ or women who interest them. Of course, the women aren’t present when these secret pees are taken which makes me think “primordial love potion.”

Then there are the men who pee in other men’s yards or gardens—usually this occurs when the “pee-er” dislikes the “pee-ee”.  I’ve witnessed such passive-aggressive piddling within my own family. A few years ago we held our family reunion at an in-laws’ house. This in-law was certainly nobody’s favorite, as over the course of the day I observed at least five men (their backs to me) apparently taking their respective whizzes in the jerk’s vegetable garden. And it wasn’t for a shortage of bathrooms. In fact, it was more effort to go outside and urinate unnoticed than it would have been to simply use the bathroom indoors.

Is it just me, or do other bloggers find this phenomena worth pondering?

5 thoughts on “Number 1, Streaming Live

  1. That primal urge to “mark territory,” maybe? It’s probably telling that the “trick” I hit on to potty-train my son was to designate a “peeing tree” in our backyard–he could use the potty or the tree, but not his pants. (It did, after all, accomplish what I wanted with training: he had to hold it, go to a designated spot, etc.) He watered that tree the whole summer he was two, and when the weather got cold he moved it inside to the toilet. Didn’t work with his little sister, though. ;)


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