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Contest Entry: Silent Night

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My mother (my best friend) passed away in her sleep during the spring of 2004. We still celebrate the holidays together, as well as every day in joyless, yet peaceful spirit. Mom and I were quite the Scrabble fiends, so I set up her 1950-something board on the coffee table where we’d play, draw seven letters for her and seven for myself. Mom’s favorite carols were Silver Bells and Silent Night, which I listen to while sipping a Hot Buttered Rum—her “bit of holiday cheer.” Then, the old photo albums come out, and I quietly remember when…

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  1. What a truly lovely memory, Susan~


  2. Nancy says:

    Hi Susan, I, too, love Silver Bells and Silent Night. We’ll have a little sing-a-long while you’re here. And we will make the fudge!! :-)

    Big hug to you, Sis. Can’t wait to see you.



  3. Caroline says:

    Lovely way to remember


  4. So touching, loving, and sad. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life with such honesty and craft.


  5. Beautiful and touching, Susan. A perfect reflection on a “Silent Night.”

    Your story has been entered in the contest.
    Marylin Thanks for sharing this.


  6. Loreen says:

    What a classy tribute to your mom. Your writing never ceases to amaze. A short story with such power and thought behind it!


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