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Awesome Blogger Part 2 or, Susan A-Z

As a recipient of this award I am required to share  something about myself my interests, quirks, likes,  etc… via the alphabet. So, here goes!

I'm a Viking! Vermont Country Store 2006

A: artsy

B: bashful (still)  bartender (at one time) blogger (now)

C: content writer for websites

D: disorganized, daydreamer

E: earnest

F: fifty-two year old freelancer

G: green (favorite color)

H: hopeful

I: Illinois, Arlington Heights (home), immature, intense

J: Jewish

K: Kafka, Franz (love his writing)

L: lover of: animals (especially cats), fog, rainy days, vegetables, languages, words, mythology

M: mystical stuff (fan of)

N: nerdy, at times

O: open-minded, original, over the top

P: Polish (half)

Q: quirky

R: Russian (other half)

S: silly/serious

T: traveler

U: under-paid

W: wicked!

X: xtreme introvert

Y: young at heart and mind

Z: Zurich, Switzerland (nice place!)

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  1. Reno says:

    What a cool list and in the picture you look like you must have been enjoying yourself because you look so happy. I would never believe you to be 52. I enjoy your writing.


  2. Nancy says:

    Believe me… Susan looks even better in person!!! Love ya, Sis.


  3. yearstricken says:

    Great post. You are not supposed to look that good at 52, okay.


  4. riatarded says:

    lol i loved your list! You don’t look like you are 52!


  5. I liked your Z and you are not 52! Thank you for the award. :-)


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