A Soul Without a Home

Soul leaving“It’s better to be, than not to be”–Anonymous.

Unfortunately, many people view their lives as one painful disappointment and heartbreak after another. The world is not an easy place in which to live sometimes. In fact, it’s downright depressing and frightening, what with the threat of nuclear attack, crime, poverty, and the sad state of the economy–the list goes on. It’s no wonder that some people feel that the world is in a downward spiral headed toward abysmal and abject horror and suffering. “Why stick around for that?” they may ask themselves. “There’s no point in being here; I want out.”

Most people who commit suicide don’t really want to die, they just want the pain to stop. While suicide might seem to be a solution the desperate and disenchanted, in reality its spiritual consequences are devastating. When a human being ends his or her life, the soul finds itself in a precarious situation: it becomes homeless. The body it inhabited is no longer in existence, so it cannot return to it. Further, the soul is not allowed into any of the spiritual realms, as its time for transition has not yet come. The soul has been launched into a torturous state of limbo from which there is no escape.

Having said that, suicide doesn’t bring peace, rather,  it evokes consequences.

Kabbalah teaches that all actions induce either punishment or reward. So, when great suffering and pain occurs in our lives, we are to carefully look at our actions to determine if perhaps they are at the root of our despair. If not, then it may very well be that we are experiencing “pay back” for misdeeds in a past life. Or,  God is purposely sending us trials and hardship in order that we may learn from them during this lifetime. As well, according to the Kabbalah, people who live less than stellar lives and  enjoy seemingly undeserved good fortune are being rewarded for good deeds done in their prior lives.

All we can do is keep going, do the best we can, and know that every situation is temporary.


(This is a post from my other blog “AviviaShoshana” which is being consolidated)

8 thoughts on “A Soul Without a Home

  1. Depression is walking through a desert in a fearsome sandstorm. It warps time, making finite problems seem like neverending issues. It clouds the vision, masking sources of hope and help. Sometimes surviving depression is walking blindly forward, step by step. That is faith, and even if we don’t feel immediate rewards, the storm does pass; help is there. Suicide is a tragedy; depression is a plague. Talking about it is an important way to help people considering suicide know that there are others who have felt as they do, and that there is another way. This is an important post.


  2. Susan this is an interesting post. The soul is such an unknown to us in the living. Only through wisdom and spirituality do we learn more about it. Thanks for getting us thinking about being mindful of those around us and where they are in their lives.


  3. A timely blog for me to read, for a number of reasons. Suicide is a horrible tragedy, not just for the soul of that person, but for those he left behind. Well-written and heart-touching, milady.


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