6ws = Six-Word-Saturday

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It was the best of weeks, and the worst of weeks:

Good Writing, Doctors. Rheumatoid?, Lupus? Dunno!

The doctor is perplexed!

They don't look like this anymore!

Wrote well this week!

20 thoughts on “6ws = Six-Word-Saturday

  1. When I was sixteen, my mother went to California to care for my step-grandmother. When Mom came home I wanted to know what she had done to help Mimi, besides do laundry, cook, clean, etc.
    She said that when Mimi was in lots of pain despite all the pain medication, she would grab Mom’s and say, “Tell me what to do.”
    I wanted to know, too.
    Mom said she let Mimi hold as tight to her hand as she needed, and then Mom would say over and over. “Breathe, breathe. It will get better.”
    It’s six words, the same six words Mom repeated over and over, and sometimes it helped.
    You’re an encouragement to so many, Susan. Breathe; we’ll hope it gets better.


  2. Ja das Wochenende naht mit riesigen Schritten,es wird Karneval gefeiert,aber leider spielt das Wetter nicht mit es regnet mal wieder,viele liebe Grüsse Klaus aus Köln der Karneval Hochburg,Kölle Alaaf


  3. Susan I hope all is well! Going to the doctor is never fun and usually denotes something a little more serious than the common cold. Be well.

    My hands don’t look like that anymore either, and I don’t think my doctor ever did, lol!


  4. Hope you don’t have to wait longer than Monday. I have Rheumatoid arthritis in my thumbs so I can’t write long hand much. Love my keyboard for that now.

    Congrats on the writing. Every cloud has a silver lining? Think positive. Easy to say but hope it helps.


  5. Sounds like a bittersweet week. But Im sure things will start to look up for you. Its obvious you have many followers that so enjoy your blog and that you are awesome at what you do.
    I hope all works out with your health and will hold you close in my prayers.


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