15 thoughts on “The Learning Curve

  1. I love your Haiku, but I’ve never been good at Haikus. I learned “Tanka” instead. It’s five lines.
    line 1 is 5 syllables or fewer: line2 is 7 syllables or fewer; line 3 is 5 syllables or fewer; line 4 and line 5 are each 7 syllables or fewer. Here is a Tanka by Elizabeth Searl Lamb, “first lady of Haiku” who began writing Tankas in her 80s: I walk and walk ~ through the house to find ~ the light I might have left on ~ oh, July’s ~ full moon!


  2. I don’t do poetry but my understanding was it was to do with nature. However, like Tiffany said, things might be loosening up. Everywhere. Enough to confuse a person.

    I like your poem because in 13 little words you have created a nice image and then some.


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