Page 111

The Trifecta Challenge word this week is “new.”

The other day I was looking for something new to read—not that there isn’t plenty of fascinating material online. But this time I wanted something to hold in my hands. I wanted to turn the pages manually instead of scrolling down to see what happens next.

I wanted to read an old-fashioned, tangible book.

Do you ever miss the feel of holding someone’s creativity in your very hands, knowing as a writer the sweat, heart and angst that the author pours into his/her craft? And the smell! Especially if the book is older and the edges of the pages are going yellow-sepia-brown; it’s in its mustiest, old library  glory.

Dog-eared corners and ink-smudged words by the anonymous fingerprint—a bonus.

I chose a book from the shelf and fanned its pages. Why do people do that, anyway? Or maybe “people” don’t. It could be just me trying to catch that magical whiff of which I am so fond. Either way, between the pages and close to the middle of the book was a brown, dried-up daisy.


A heart-stopping, memory-wrenching dead daisy.

26 thoughts on “Page 111

  1. I actually prefer reading on a reader these days, but there is absolutely nothing better than the smell of an old, well loved book.
    This week we were looking for the third definition of the word new as defined on the Trifecta website.
    Thanks for linking up. We look forward to reading your response to the next prompt.


  2. I will always have and treasure paper paged books. Eventually I will probably have to relent and buy (and figure out how to use) a digital reader. But I will ALWAYS have books to touch and smell and decorate my walls and, as my mother used to say, “They make great insulation.”


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