Just Another Week in Susanville

It’s Six Word Saturday again! It was indeed a busy week for the Precise One.

1) Writing

writing and editing

Wrote and edited content for gowns like THIS!











2) Fired

writing editing

They didn’t like my writing style.









3) Illness














4) Advertising

edit article

Has anyone tried to implement these things?








5) Confusion


Confusion (Photo credit: Bradley.Johnson.)












6) Rude-Awakening


Nadia ripped my nose stud out of my nostril to wake me up this morning.

11 thoughts on “Just Another Week in Susanville

  1. Ah, here you are! I couldn’t access your 6WS via Show My Face last night. Maybe if you’ve not had much response you should revisit it? Or it could well be just me!
    Always love your weeks- they’re pretty hectic. Aware that I’m not caught up on a number of things but I’ve got Polish family staying atm and there is just NO TIME!


  2. What a way to wake up. To think I complain about my bulldog drooling. Thats a walk in the park compared to waking up the way you were.


  3. Oy yoy yoy… I am so sorry that Nadia did that to you, Susan. Since you two are close, I’m hoping that the problem will be resolved between the two of you, and lead to a greater understanding of one another…


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