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Approximately Six Phrase Saturday

It’s been another fun-filled, jam-packed week  of non-stop, butt-kickin’  fun up here in Ellington, CT.

I will try to sum it up in six phrases:

1)Writing gig on www.Languages.com












2) Finished Ghostwriting a book about Asperger’s Syndrome

Susan Shuman











3) I became…..(drum roll)….An Official Avon Representative! Please click to visit my e-store.









4) Froze rear end off and turned up the heat










5) Wrote copy for an ENTIRE website


courtesy of undergroundmangeomatt.blogspot.com












6) Ate a TON of Reese’s Pieces.


Reese's Pieces Shots by 1 Fine Cookie

Reese’s Pieces Shots by 1 Fine Cookie (Photo credit: 1 Fine Cookie)

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  1. Reno says:

    Sounds like a big week. And interesting to say the least.


  2. Oh my. A full week with diverse activities. Certainly not boring!


  3. Thanks for stopping by, TeeCee!


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