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Melt Down

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The unseasonal weather meant that Horatio was going to act up. The slightest fluctuation in barometric pressure tied his brain in knots. The last time something like this happened he rode his bike on the roof–without training wheels!

Horatio’s father was livid when he saw what was left of the shingles.

Now, with four feet of snow in July, who knew what could happen?

“Don’t worry, Mom,” Horatio smiled. “It’s just global warming. I’ll handle it!”

With that, Horatio strode out the door with a cup of diesel and box of Tide®.

“I’ve still got Dad’s recipe for Napalm!”



Instant Snow Removal


Oh, my!

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  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Ah brilliant :-)


  2. jabbersville says:

    Good golly – hooray for Horatio!


  3. Reno says:

    Love it! Awesome.


  4. Very funny. I’m glad he’s not my neighbour!


  5. OMG. I don’t know whether to laugh or grab Horatio before his mother has a heart attack. So much is happening. Entertaining 100wcgu. Can’t stop giggling. I love this, Susan.


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